Our strategy


Life extension for People and Planet.


Invest where AI meets Science.


AI acceleration of scientific innovation and commercialization.

Life Extension ventures invests in the two largest sectors in the world, People and Planet, where AI suddenly matters.
Novel commercialization through marketplaces, networks, Web3, personalizations, payments, APIs, new go-to-markets and operations.

Software, AI, and the power of the Internet will accelerate the adoption and monetization of science breakthroughs on human and planetary life.

New infrastructure like SaaS, data platforms, OSs, LLMs, collaboration tools, storage, simulations, GenAI, visualization tools, security, workflow automation, Web3 and DAOs, or design tools to accelerate innovations.

We target the infrastructure that accelerates the innovations.
Software and AI are reinventing many industries bringing benefits to society and creating new category defining multibillion dollar companies; and now is the turn of climate, biology and health.